Rudolfinum – The Place of The Royal Feast

Rudolf II Habsburg,

The Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, was known as a man who was really able to enjoy his life royally. To these days, rumors about his amazing celebrations which were held in the secret chambers of his magnificent castle called “RUDOLFINUM” are still very much alive.

Linguists disagree on the exact origin of the word, but the legend says that the word "Rudolfinum" was created by combining two words - Rudolf and Finnis (Finnus) - from Latin, meaning "until the end".

Whether it is true or not, when honorable guests discovered this mysterious word written on their invitations, it was a clear sign that King Rudolf expects them to stay until the early morning hours - until the very end of this mysterious royal reception.

Welcome to Rudolfinum!


Daniel Hrivňák

Rudolfinum can proudly say that its kitchen is led by a master of culinary craft – Daniel Hrivňák – who has been engaged in professional gastronomy since he was 17. Even despite his young age, Daniel is laureate of important Slovak and international prizes and you can be sure that there will always be plenty of high quality meals in Rudolfinum.

The menu consists of traditional meals that are, however, prepared in a modern way. Get yourself lured into a unique gourmet experience and visit us at Rudolfinum to check royal specialties.